Milk Chocolate Dipped Pecans

Milk Chocolate Dipped Pecans

Snack Pack Milk Chocolate Pecans

Snack Pack Milk Chocolate Pecans

Chocolate/White Chocolate Mix Pecans

Milk Chocolate/Creamy White Chocolate Mix Pecans - Warning Heat Sensitive Product! No house divided here!  Perfect gift for the Chocolate Lover of all times!  Creamy White Chocolate Pecans and Milk Chocolate Pecans all in the same package?  Does the word Chocolate ever seem so appealing?   It was a tie that needed breaking - whether the all-time super star of the Gourmet Pecan Line Up would be the Milk Chocolate or the Creamy White Chocolate.  I think respectively, these two have definitely earned the title, but there had to be a winner.   So, as to offer a truce, our head Alamo Elf -  Missy suggested a mixture of both to appease the argument.   What a wonderful, tasty, and delicious solution!   Two of Alamo's finest flavors sharing the same spotlight, and both being incredibly deserving.   Available in multi packaging and ready to take your taste buds to their happy place! 

As low as $4.50

   If you can’t decide whether you are leaning more towarads the Milk Chocolate or the Creamy White Chocolate?  Problem solved, as you can never go wrong with this timeless mix of flavor!  Milk Chocolate. Creamy White Chocolate and pecans.  This gourmet goodie is guaranteed to please, and cure your craving for chocolate. Have them as a snack or give them as a gift to a special chocolate lover in your life. They certainly compliment any gift basket, tin, or tray of treats Alamo Pecan offers!

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