Milk Chocolate Honey Baked Pecans

Let me entertain you - Let me see you smile.... Our Milk Chocolate Honey Baked Pecans will send your tastebuds spinning into delight!   

As low as $2.50

Shipping Caution Due to Extreme Heat (You didn’t order Chocolate Soup) Product  Warning Heat Sensitive!   This Yummy Pecan has become the all time Winner in the retail room for the Alamo Pecan and Coffee Team!   Your yummy & hometown classic Honey Pecans just got better!  They are cooled then dipped in glossy, rich, milk chocolate for a taste that leaves you wanting more!  The flavor is as Glorious as the Texas Skies!   Specially packed and shipped from the Pecan Capital of the World in Downtown San Saba, Texas. 

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