Chocolate/White Chocolate Mix Pecans from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

Chocolate/White Chocolate Mix Pecans

White Chocolate Pecans

Creamy White Chocolate Pecans Warning Heat Sensitive Product! Oh Brother where art thou - Clap your Hands - and Two Stomps?  Welcome the White Chocolate Pecan -  Flavorful enough to share the centerstage with the Milk Chocolate Pecan, we add the unlimited splendor of the Creamy White Chocolate Pecans.  Hands down a truly excellent Gourmet flavor of exquisite white chocolate and our scrumptious pecan halves.  It’s quite a main attraction all by itself, and for those of us that like that melt-able, smooth, goodness it definitely fills the role.   The truth is that you bite into one, and your taste buds can’t even relay the overflow of Wow!  Thank you – I’ll have another becomes a quick repeated process while enjoying the White Chocolate Pecans.  The challenge becomes identifying the best Texas sized flavor that you prefer, but honestly, they are all worthy contenders.  The White Chocolate Pecans will lure you in because of their tantalizing and exciting sweetness!  The Alamo Elves know that it is a popular favorite of Martha Leigh’s, as a matter of fact - they are pretty sure that she has taste tested enough to have a valid argument!  Give me all your White Chocolates and Nobody Gets Hurt!! Best of Texas Products from our Door to Yours!  


As low as $2.50

The pecan has truly met its soulmate in white chocolate. This flavored pecan is an exquisite and unique treat. We have taken our premier, home grown pecans to a whole new level of decadence by smothering them in the finest white chocolate. This is gourmet snacking at its finest. So, if your going to indulge, do it the right way. Our White Chocolate Dipped Pecans are the best of the best, and made only of the purest ingredients out there. Happy snacking!

These flavored pecans are available in a variety of bag sizes. For a perfect gift, check out our decorative tins, especially our signature Texas tin.

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