Roasted, Buttered & Salted Pecan Halves

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Roasted Buttered Salted Pecans – Move over Almonds, hit the road peanuts, let's make way for the King of the Nuts!  Elevated richness of pecans and you have a Roasted, Buttered, Salted Pecan which features our Texas Pecans. Juicy pecan halves that are large in flavor!  Don’t ever count out the little guy as the high oil content found in the Native Seedling is the major factor for the enormous taste.  Although somewhat smaller than the papershell pecans, and harder to crack and shell; the taste is better - just ask Grandpa!  They are delicately roasted, and lightly salted, and just like that they become the snack of choice.  Wonderful compliment to any trail mix recipe, snack mix, or appetizer cart.  This little show-off will quickly exceed your flavor expectations.  Instantly – there’s a New Boss in the House – Mr. Roasted, Buttered, Salted Pecan! 

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These pecans literally melt in your mouth! You have to try these delectable, savory morsels packed with nutty flavor and a buttery finish. We promise, they are so addictive, you won’t be able to have just one. We roast the pecans to bring out their nutty goodness, then butter and salt them to perfection. They are a wonderful addition to a fancy cheese plate or party platter, and bring out the flavors of any red wine. It’s the perfect snack for any salty food lover!

This Alamo Pecan & Coffee Co. favorite comes in several bag sizes, and gift tins. These buttery bites are a delectable addition to any of our gift baskets.

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