Jalapeno Pecans

Jalapeno Pecans – Because some like it hot and flavorful.   The Jalapeno Pecan is quite shy – at first but drop a few in your mouth and as you enjoy this nut you will feel the sneak of heat!  Slow burn with lots of great flavor.  It’s just the right amount of “Caliente” to allow you to feel that little tickle of Jalapeno with the crisp pecan.   This little firecracker has got a lot of punch, most assuredly it’s for the more adventuresome pecan lover.  A great add on to dips, salsas, any nut mixes, or even cheese trays.  These Jalapeno Pecans will liven up any occasion one on one, or in a crowd – “They aren’t afraid to bring on the Heat”! 

As low as $4.50

You will love these savory pecans with just the right amount of Heat!

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