Snack Pack Chocolate Amaretto Pecans

Snack Pack Chocolate Amaretto Pecans

Chocolate Dipped Amaretto Pecans

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Chocolate Dipped Amaretto Pecans – Jump on the Chocolate Dipped Amaretto Pecan  Band Wagon, and you will be delighted by the rich flavor of Chocolate combined with just the right amount of Amaretto flavoring.  The joy of this Gourmet featured flavor is that it just takes one to make you a believer!  The plump, oil-packed pecan joined together in this melody of tasty milk chocolate accompanied by the amaretto creates perfect harmony.   Enjoy this awesome product and become enamored by this sassy and tempting “other chocolate pecan”.  The truth is that our Chocolate Dipped Amaretto Pecans will leave you feeling hooked, and what might have been a short ride on the band wagon becomes a lasting craving.   Don’t stop until you get enough…. Available at Alamo Pecan & Coffee!

As low as $4.50

Are you prepared to try this absolutely sinful combination of flavors? Get ready for creamy amaretto and rich, smooth chocolate as they join together to make one delectable pecan treat. Our delicious Chocolate Amaretto Dipped Pecans are made with the best pecans in Texas. It’s an unconventional take on the flavored pecan, and one you're sure to fall madly in love with. So, go ahead and treat yourself with this winning combination of classic, sugary sweet flavors.

Our Chocolate Amaretto Dipped Pecans come in a variety of individual bag sizes, and several decorative tin options, including our signature Texas tin.

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