Chocolate/White Chocolate Mix Pecans from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

Chocolate/White Chocolate Mix Pecans

Milk Chocolate Dipped Pecans

Milk Chocolate Dipped Gourmet PecansWarning Heat Sensitive Product! There is only one word "Delicious".  As good as it Gets –  When you want to feel the elevation of a Chocolate treat..... Call Alamo and treat is on!  That’s the enjoyable complimenting flavors of a juicy Texas Pecan and luscious Milk Chocolate.   Like wrapping your arms around your best friend and enjoying the fellowship.  This Gourmet specialty of chocolate and pecan will offer a palate explosion for a minute because the true temptation is beyond resisting.  The Milk Chocolate generously coats and embraces the sweet pecan.   It will leave you feeling a little alarmed because after a few bites, you don’t want to share the goodness.  The beauty of the chocolate and the mix of flavor offered by the pecan is unbelievable!   Although, that’s an easy solution because there is always an abundant supply to fill your needs.  Whether you want to add these delectable Milk Chocolate Pecans to compliment a basket, include in a gift package, fill a dish, or just remedy the end of a hard day with a little Milk Chocolate Pecan treat – Alamo Pecan and Coffee is ready to hook you up with your Chocolate Connection.  They will leave a lasting impression and bring out a true new favorite – Welcome Chocolate Pecans to the Party – the Pantry – or the Gift Package! 

As low as $2.50

Get our signature Milk Chocolate Dipped Pecans in individual bag sizes. They also come in a decorative tin, including our signature Texas tin.

You can’t ever go wrong with this timeless classic. It only takes two ingredients to make the perfect snack - chocolate and pecans. We start with the best pecans on the planet, grown in our own backyard, and coat them in creamy milk chocolate. This gourmet goodie is guaranteed to please, and cure your craving for chocolate. Have them as a snack or give them as a gift to a special chocolate lover in your life. They certainly jazz up any gift basket, tin, or tray of treats Alamo Pecan offers

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