Sugar Free Chocolate Pecans Snack Pack from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

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Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Pecans

Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Pecans Warning Heat Sensitive Product! Let me introduce our Ace in the Hole…. The Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Pecan!  They provide huge flavor without  all the sugar. Guilt-free pleasure for sure!   Amazing flavor with a full-meated robust pecan; most are a little reluctant because they can’t believe it’s Sugar Free.   As with any Ace in the Hole, our Sugar Free Chocolate Pecans offer a perfect plan for those who are mindful of their sugar and calorie intake.  This remarkable Gourmet Flavor will raise eye brows, and it will soon become your secret advantage.  The Sugar Free Chocolate Pecans allow you less sugar, but you also get to enjoy all the positive, healthy and beneficial nutrition offered in the pecan!  Everybody needs a little taste of our Ace in the Hole!     

As low as $4.99

You’ll find our Sugar Free Chocolate Covered Pecans as rich and velvety as our regular chocolate. They are a full dose of sweetness, to satisfy your sugar craving, without wreaking havoc on your glucose levels. Pecans are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and an excellent source of iron, potassium, calcium and antioxidants. They can even help reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, their mild, warm nutty flavor combines perfectly with the sweet taste of chocolate on your tongue.

These sweet sugar free treats are available in a variety of individual bag sizes, and several decorative tin options, including our signature Texas tin.

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