Splenda Cinnamon Pecans from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

Splenda Cinnamon Pecans

Cinnamon Spiced Pecans

Cinnamon Spiced Pecans – You won't be dissappointed "CINNAMON" is definitely the new and rising star in spices!  Our Cinnamon Spiced Pecans are something to rave about.  Really to boast about, as we entice all our Cinnamon and Pecan connoisseurs!  Just saying, why do I automatically start smelling fresh cinnamon rolls when I think of these yummy Cinnamon Pecans coated with the perfect sugary sweetness.  It’s hard being the middle child in a big family, but I assure you – in this Gourmet Pecan Family of Flavors – there will always be a sincere appreciation for the Cinnamon Spiced Pecan.   It’s our go to flavor and it stands strong in the sweetness category.  The beauty of this middle child, the Cinnamon Pecan, - is that it holds its identity with pride, always compliments everything around them, and are never out of place!  Cinnamon Spiced Pecans are surely welcomed partner to any occasion!   

As low as $2.50

Some candied pecans are sweet, some have little spice, and some have both. Our Cinnamon Spiced Pecans have the sugary sweetness you know and love about candied pecans, coated with cinnamon spice goodness. Only the best pecans are used when making this scrumptious treat. We harvest them right in our own backyard in the Pecan Capital of the World. If you're going to indulge, do it with the best ingredients on earth. They also make the perfect gourmet addition to any gift basket. For a pecan with a little more pizzazz try our Cinnamon Spiced Pecans!

These candied pecans are a sinful dose of cinnamon and come in a variety of bag sizes and decorative tins, including our signature Texas tin.

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