White Drizzled Caramel Popcorn from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

White Drizzled Caramel Popcorn

Divinity - Creamy Squares with Pecans from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

Divinity - Creamy Squares with Pecans

Janie's Single Old Fashioned Pralines

Old-Fashioned Creamy Pralines – Our Award-Winning Old-Fashioned Pecan Pralines …. All they do is Win – Win – Win!  The recipe is literally locked in the vault, and we don’t even have a key because it is that top secret!  You will understand and appreciate the need for high security after you’ve tasted this delicious American Favorite.   It’s not sticky and it’s not gooey; rather it is so delightfully smooth, soft, creamed, lush, and is packed with pecans to form a velvety, rich, sweet confection.   Our customers will tell you that these are to infinity and beyond!  We cannot keep them in stock as this is our #1 selling candy product, and it ranks candy land heaven!!    One of the sweetest things you will ever eat.  Available individually, by the dozen, or in various tins.  We will tell you to share but realize that is only an option as you might find yourself a little reluctant – so note to self, order one to share and one to enjoy yourself (YOLO)!  

 Best of Texas Products shipped to your door steps year round!  

As low as $2.59

Old-Fashioned Creamy Pralines – Sweetest, Creamiest and absolutely Delicious!  Our Award-Winning Old-Fashioned Pecan Praline

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