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Salsa - Das Peaches

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Confetti Pretzels

Confetti Pretzels - Just try one bite, and you will be in love with this sweet dessert snack.   They are as visually appealing as they are high packed with flavor and lip smacking approval.   We have the biggest fan to complete and confirm this fact, "Hugh Henslee" has been hooked on this treat for years.  He is a professional taste tester - and at the ripe old age of 5 you can bet that he is qualified!  The boy was raised on delicious Confetti Christmas Tree Pretzels,  and from then to now, - he still has the cutest smile as he enjoys his all time favorite yummy delight.   

As low as $2.50

Confetti Tree Pretzels - put the smile right on your face for sure!   Sweet, Creamy coated Pretzels sprinkled with just the right amound of colorful confetti sprinkles.   Say Merry Christmas In July - with these yummy snacks.   Because, in reality who wants to wait til December to enjoy this amazing Pretzels.    Cheers to the Confetti Christmas Tree Pretzel anytime of year!  

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