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Peruvian Coffee

Peruvian Coffee – If your coffee taste buds require the real deal – this Peruvian Coffee will offer all the Bang for your Buck!  These coffee beans are harvested in Peru, as it hails as one of the best climates in the world and the plants thrive in the shady areas.   In fact, 30% of their agricultural income comes from coffee export. Peru boasts some of the most fertile growing areas at high-altitudes. Because of the country’s many microclimates, there’s a wide variety of coffee farms, most of them small, producing beans unique to the temperature, soil and area. Our Peruvian coffee beans are packed with a hearty, bold and full flavor. Try this exotic gourmet coffee for a little taste of Peru with hearty body that delivers a big bang and full flavor. Best of Texas Products from our Door to Yours!  

“Favorite coffee of the new daughter in the Whitten family, Nicole.  The girl certainly knows the Law and her Coffee!”

As low as $12.99

Our Peruvian Coffee is one of the most popular flavors we offer. Order a bag today in whole bean, medium grind and fine grind.

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