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Hawaiian Grog Coffee

Caramel Pecan Coffee from Alamo Pecan & Coffee in San Saba, TX

Caramel Pecan Coffee

Cinnamon Stick Coffee

Cinnamon Stick Coffee - Enjoy a cup of cinnamon coffee with a delicious aroma that radiates a feeling of warmth and happiness.  Alamo’s Cinnamon flavored coffee is great served hot during those chilly winter months spent indoors. But it is also wonderful served chilled over ice on those hot summer days. Jazz it with up with your favorite flavored creamer or drink it black.  You know it’s going to be a great morning when greeted by the smell of fresh brewed cinnamon coffee. Any way you pour it, our cinnamon flavored coffee is always a warm and refreshing choice. Whether it’s the  Happiness of the day or the Calm of the Evening; enjoy the company of Alamo’s Cinnamon Stick Coffee.   Best of Texas Products from our Door to Yours!  

As low as $12.99

Our lightly-spiced Cinnamon Stick Coffee beans are heart warming goodness, and available by the pound in whole bean, medium grind or fine grind.

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