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Texas Bold Coffee

Texas Swing Coffee

Texas Swing Coffee – This Classic morning coffee is sure to please.  Alamo’s Texas Swing Blend is a coffee bean combination of Indonesian and Central American fullness with a touch of fruity mingled in with crisp, clean and smooth.   Makes for a very eclectic cup of coffee; which is refined and defined as an all-around favorite. Texas Swing is presented to our customers as a medium roast with a twist of dark.  Once brewed, it stands tall in flavor and brings coffee lovers to pleasant attention. This blend is for those of you that just want a no frills, standout, with all the traditional values of a good cup of “Joe”.  We’ve been told time and time again, that there has never been a more full-bodied brew with such delicate attributes!  We know at Alamo that there is never any reason to change a Classic – high quality, high standard and never loses value or goes out of fashion!  You better partner up with a little Texas Swing and enjoy your ride!  Best of Texas Products from our Door to Yours!  

As low as $12.99

We have combined the best of Texas & Indonesia with this special blend of coffee. It comes in whole coffee beans, medium grind and fine grind.

This blend brings together flavors from opposite sides of the world. It’s a little bit of East meets West, with beans coming all the way from East Asia, to our little hometown of San Saba, Texas. As the 3rd largest producer of gourmet coffee, Indonesia has developed a distinct coffee production method. The result is a complex and syrupy coffee, with low acidity. It’s perfect for dark roast because the flavor is extremely dense. Though rich in flavor, the low-acidity makes this cup of joe extremely drinkable, with a long smooth aftertaste.

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