The Adventures of Alamo Christmas Elves - Meet the Team!!

There is a special amount of magical Christmas moments in the packing department at Alamo Pecan and Coffee. It is quite the extraordinary work environment for sure!! The pecan season is among us, along with the hustle and bustle of the retail room, and the marching of the Elves about mid-day!

Why mid-day? Well, immediately my mind reflects to an old hymn that states one was a doctor, one was a soldier, one was a lawyer and so on and so on!  I mention this reflection because the Alamo “Team Elf” is a consolidated family- a various mix of workers with many different schedules and demands. Whether you order online or telephone, as we process your orders, you are doing much more than ordering a delicious product – you are assisting an elf on a mission.

You might be helping one of our Cancer survivors pay enormous medical expenses, or you might be helping the single mom of four. You may be buying a band instrument for a family that is struggling, and then of course – you are making the American Christmas Dream come true for many of the Elves’ children. We have such an excellent group of Elves! And as we work together, we give each other advice, we raise children, we trade recipes, we solve world issues, and most of all we push out beautiful gift baskets, trays, and tins.

One time, our partner’s Bob and Martha Leigh questioned how in the world we could possibly push these people to perform at such a favorable manner. I simply said – you give them goals, you teach them pride in their work, and you become a safe haven of joy and laughter so that each day/night is more an experience than a chore. It is a true, chaotic madness, and yes, the Alamo Elves line up each year to participate in the Hard Holiday 45. Which I refer to as the distinct time frame when orders are plentiful, product is flying, and we are all a little frazzled.

Back to the Elves – because, after all, our focus is on the level of quality and demand for excellence that is placed upon them year after year.  It is so similar to Santa’s Workshop at Alamo Pecan and Coffee. For you see Elf helping Elf, another reading a list, another building boxes for shipping, and then one in the corner with a perplexed look of “how many did you say we needed?”.

Just to give you a quick overview of who is creating your enticing gifts; Retired Professionals, Nurses, past EMS, Teachers, Professionals in Banking and Legal Assistants, Parents trying to pass their GED, High Schoolers, football players and band students needing gas money. We have New Moms, Sunday School Teachers, and Choir Leaders.

But then there is our Rudolph – our beacon, and that is none other than Ramona – our 91 year old grandmother. She has become an adopted grandmother to all the Elves. She has become the true sign that hard work pays off, doing a job well done is worthy, and that each day is a gift to serve and be thankful!!

As I said – it’s a chaotic mess, but a group that extends past Alamo and into the real world, and most of all they appreciate you – the customer. They celebrate every order and they embrace their role in the Workshop. They start rolling up their sleeves about Mid-October – and say “Bring it On,Holiday 2017 – We Are Ready!”

Order your Holiday Gift Basket today and put our happy little Elves to work!

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