Spooky Pecan Treats: Pass it on Neighbor to Neighbor

Funny thing about Halloween is that we think it’s all about trick or treating with kids. Why not start a new trend at Alamo Pecan & Coffee? Why not give pecans or coffee for every holiday, every occasion, and every festivity and act of giving? You see, rather than waiting on Trick or Treaters, let’s start a neighbor-to-neighbor treat campaign a week before the Spooky Halloween holiday.

Let Alamo Pecan & Coffee join in your act of generosity by sharing several delicious pecan treats to your most adventurous neighbors. For example: Let’s say you know this neighbor who loves coffee. Well there you go!  Drop by Alamo Pecan & Coffee and stock up on a few of your neighbors’ favorite products available, and let the sharing and caring begin!

It doesn’t have to include anything fancy, but a simple handwritten note with the treat that says “Dear Neighbor I’m treating you this Halloween! All you have to do is keep it going forward.” Continue to explain the rules in the note, saying “You are a one of my favorite Spooks and now it’s up to you to send treats to one of your favorites!”. The repeated act will be contagious!

And we happen to have a few treat suggestions! After all, we here at Alamo Pecan & Coffee understand that there are only so many suckers and bags of candy a person needs. So, with that said, let me give you some tasty, sure-to-please suggestions on how Alamo Pecan & Coffee can bring the yummy Spook to your “Neighborhood Passing on the Treats Adventure”.

The originality of the gift will make it more appealing and unique, so let your mind and thoughts be filled with ghostly, googly, monsterly delicious treats available at Alamo Pecan and Coffee!

The Food of the Trolls


1 Tsp Salt

1 Tsp Butter Melted

1 Tsp Cayenne Pepper (or less depending on heat desired)

1 Tsp Chili Pepper (or less depending on heat desired)

1 cup of Pecans

 Fancy Pecan Halves
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Fancy Pecan Pieces
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Set oven to 350
In Medium Bowl combine all ingredients
Coat well and evenly
Use a cooking spray on cookie sheet
Pour pecans on cookie sheet, and bake for 10 minutes or until lightly golden.
Stir on cookie sheet, and allow to cool.
Pour into ziploc bag or container for storage.
Sweet Monster Mash: Delicious Fruit Dip or Spread Recipe


½ Cup Powdered Confectioners Sugar

8 oz Cream Cheese (room temperature)

5 oz Preserves (Your favorite Alamo Pecan Preserve)

Blackberry Pecan Preserves
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Cranberry, Chili, & Pecan Preserves
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Jalapeno ,Peach Pecan Preserves
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Strawberry,Pepper Pecan Preserves
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In medium size bowl stir all 3 ingredients until smooth and evenly blended.
Ready to dip fruits, chips or crackers.

Sweet Assortment of Pecan Eyeballs, Spider Eggs, & Sugary Skull Mix

Milk Chocolate Pecans
Chocolate Amaretto Pecans
Creamy White Chocolate Pecans
Pecan Praline
Cinnamon Pecans

Over 12 Gourmet flavors available in Cones, ½ lb bags, or 1 lb. bags. Buy several and mix your favorites and re-bag in decorative Halloween containers or bags!

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Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Spice Coffee Punch


½ Gallon Vanilla Ice Cream

½ cup Caramel Sauce

½ cup sugar

2 TBSP Ground Cinnamon

1 Tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

Alamo Pecan and Coffee - Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Coffee by the Pound
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Brew up 2 quarts of Alamo Pecan and Coffee Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Allow to cool.
Using a large container pour coffee, add the caramel sauce, the sugar, and the cinnamon.
Stir well.
Then add the Vanilla Ice Cream, and mix until you have a rich and creamy brew.
Pour into serving punch bowl or Magic Potion Pot.
Garnish by sprinkling Pumpkin Pie Spice on top of Punch or add whipped cream!