Alamo Deluxe Combo  Gift Tin

Alamo Deluxe Combo Gift Tin

Divided Wooden Tray

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Divided Wicker Tray Gift Basket – This Timeless Favorite - the Divided Wonder of Flavors!  This tray consists of 4 top flavors of our Gourmet Pecans in four sections and topped off with our delicious Double Dipped Caramel and Pecan Clusters!  Talk about something for everyone; that’s what you get with this bigtime flavor bandit.  Texas got a lot of things right, and the pecan is one fine category.  The Divided Wicker Tray is so versatile in that it is visually appealing for what you see is what you get!  The flavors are so incredibly pleasing that you won’t find anybody turning away an opportunity to enjoy a bit of munching out. In Texas if you Talk the Talk, you have to Walk the Walk, and Alamo Pecan and Coffee’s Divided Wicker Tray can do it all!   Best of Texas Products shipped to your door steps year round!

As low as $29.95

Saluting the Veteran in the Alamo Products Family - the Divided Wicker has proven that this gift never goes out of popularity!  If you feel like a genuine taste of Texas, this authentically-western Divided Wicker Tray is filled with 100% Texan pecan treats. It’s a tasty dose of the Lone Star State, and comes with four of Alamo Pecan & Coffee Co.’s most popular flavored pecan varieties, topped with our caramel pecan clusters. It makes a great corporate gift. Plus, you get the bonus of a reusable wicker tray, that can be used long after the pecan treats are scooped up and enjoyed.

Our popular Divided Wicker Tray comes in Regular & Mini sizes. Both sizes include four flavors of pecans, plus our delectable pecan clusters.

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