Top 7 Books That Will Make Pecan Lovers Go Nuts
As the holidays approach, many of us scramble to find the perfect gift for those special people in our lives. Alamo Pecan to the rescue! We have individual, crafted gifts and suggestions to please even the pickiest of people. For those who love to cook, revel in pecan history, or enjoy being nutty every now and then, we present the top 7 books that will make pecan lovers go nuts, as well as a personalized Alamo Pecan gift pairing to really make your Christmas present stand out this year!

1. The Pecan: A History of America's Native Nut $9.99

“In The Pecan, acclaimed writer and historian James McWilliams explores the history of America’s most important commercial nut. Southern cooks would have to hang up their aprons without America’s native nut, whose popularity has spread far beyond the tree’s natural home.”

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2. Pecan Treats and Sweets $4.99

“A classic book containing a collection of delicious recipes using pecans. With nine chapters, including 'Main Course Dishes', 'Breads', 'Salads and Sandwiches', 'Pies' and 'Desserts', this book is perfect for anyone with a love of pecans, or makes a great addition to anyone's recipe collection.“

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3. Pecan Lovers' Cook Book $9.99

“Indulge your pecan passion for pralines, macaroons, ice cream, bread pudding, rolls, muffins, cakes and cookies, main dishes and a wide variety of tantalizing pecan pies.”

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4. Are There Nuts in the Pecan Pie?: Stories from a Ridiculous Life $9.99

“Shorts about the funny, petty, absurd stuff in life; Hollywood, San Francisco, the Obama election, Rock Stars on the hunt, Men on the hunt, Employers on the hunt, Single Girls who don't like the hunt but will adapt in order to survive . . . and some thought provoking, sappy, sentimental stuff too.”

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5. Pecan Pie Baby $6.99

“A heartwarming children’s book, Pecan Pie Baby is [an] honest story about jealousy, anger, displacement, and love [that] will touch kids dealing with sibling rivalry and spark their talk about change.”

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6. Pecans: a Savor the South Cookbook $13.99

“Attributing her own love of this American nut to the state of her birth--Georgia is the nation's leader in growing pecans--and to the happy fact that her mother "hardly made a cookie, candy, or pan of Sunday dressing without them," Kathleen Purvis teaches readers how to find, store, cook, and completely enjoy this southern delicacy. Pecans includes fifty-two recipes, ranging from traditional to inventive, from uniquely southern to distinctly international, including Bourbon-Orange Pecans, Buttermilk-Pecan Chicken, Pecan Pralines, and Leche Quemada.”

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7. Nuttin' But Pecans $7.96

“Nuttin' but Pecans is more than 70 pecan recipes gathered from several areas of the United States as well as overseas. Author Rosie King shows that pecans can be used in unique combinations with other foods and not just in the customary pecan pie”

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