Pecan Amaretto Honey Butter

Pecan Amaretto Honey Butter

Pecan Honey Butter

Pecan Honey Butter – Our most common phrase when we describe our creamy, dreamy Pecan Honey Butter is that of grandma’s kitchen.  The place where natural flavors and favorite mixtures were created.   Simple and yet so flavorful!  That’s what you get in our Pecan Honey Butter because it’s our tabletop mixture of honey, sugar, pecans, touch of cinnamon and a few other ingredients all perfectly blended in a Jar!   Spread it generously on biscuits, muffins, toast, bagels, or pancakes – or it’s a great dip for your fruits as well.  What will surprise you most is how many uses you find for it, and that you reach the bottom of the jar before you realize it!  Be creative and share your new ideas as you become part of the Pecan Honey Butter Club…… always open enrollment and easy to join!

As low as $6.00

Here in Texas, we use Pecan and Honey Butter to flavor everything from our coffee to our ice cream. Pecan Honey Butter is a local tradition and a great souvenir gift for the holidays. Our homemade Pecan Honey Butter will satisfy even the most serious craving for sweet, nutty goodness. Packed with tons of rich pecan flavor, this delicious condiment is great on toast, biscuits, crackers, and just about anything. It is even good eaten straight out of the the jar!

Try our homemade Pecan Honey Butter for yourself, or give it to someone else and make their day! Jars are available in 3 different sizes.

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