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Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters

Pecan Brittle

Pecan Brittle- A Little Bite of Heaven!  Straight from the Kettle to your Table!  It's the tastist pecan candy with bite fulls of memories and trips down memory lane.  The crunchy, sweet, buttery, and nutty goodness!  Order a pound of our old fashioned Pecan Brittle, made with only the finest pecans.  It's so darn good!   This Texas treat also comes in a fancy gift tin. In case you were wondering the term brittle first appeared in actual print in 1892, though the candy itself has been around longer.  Pecan Brittle is a welcome confection that consist of large slabs when poured out flat with the delight of this sugary candy embedded with nuts such as meaty, crunchy, and savory pecans.   

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Did you know pecan brittle started out as a mistake? Legend has it, around the year 1890, a Southern woman was making taffy and accidentally added baking soda rather than cream tartar. The result was broken chunks of tasty brittle. From there, many variations of brittle have come about, but the traditional southern version involves our favorite nut of all - the pecan. Our old fashioned Pecan Brittle is made with the best Texas pecans. Order some individually to munch on, or add it to an edible gift basket for a unique Texas gift.

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