Chocolate Toffee Dipped Pecans

Chocolate Toffee Dipped Pecans – Warning Heat Sensitive Product! A whole lot of love in these gourmet contenders!  These Chocolate Toffee Dipped Pecans will leave you smacking your lips and licking your fingertips!  The rich flavors are a Bonanza of goodness!   First, we complement our plump pecans by dipping them in creamy toffee, then once cooled they are immersed in succulent milk chocolate, as they bask in the richness, we finish them off with the dusting of powdered sugar… talk about a Jackpot!  It creates a mega confectionary forever favorite pecan.   This Gourmet favorite, the Chocolate Toffee Dipped Pecan, is breaking all the rules and taking prisoners.  The flavor is unique, and the results and customer responses are true accolades – first the pecan and then all the added on flavor it’s a Bonus for sure!   You’ve heard of pennies from Heaven, will these are delicious powdered sugar pecan nuggets from Heaven! 

As low as $4.99

You won’t be able to keep your hands off these mouth watering morsels. We start with our world famous, fresh pecan halves, grown right here in San Saba, the Pecan Capital of the World. Then, we dip the pecans in toffee, and cover them in milk chocolate. For a finishing touch, we dust them with powdered sugar, making them positively irresistible. These little nuggets of goodness are what dreams are made of! The toffee and milk chocolate combine to make a melt-in-your mouth delight. Candied pecans have never tasted so good!

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