Collectible Wooden Box “Made in Texas”

Looking for a great gift? This beautifully handcrafted collectible box with sliding cover comes in four different sizes and packed with our delicious pecans.
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This wooden box with sliding lid is a gift ready for any occasion.  

  • Small Box - 2 flavors of Gourmet Pecans, Double Dipped Chocolate Clusters and specialty packing (not pictured)
  • Medium Box - 3 flavors of Gourmet Pecans, Signature Mini Preserves and specialty packing
  • Large Box - 4 flavors of Gourmet Pecans, Texas Pecan Coffee, Signature Preserves and specialty packing
  • Extra Large Box - 5 flavors of Gourmet Pecans, Texas Pecan Coffee, Pralines, Pecan Toppings and Signature Preserves. 
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