About Us

Alamo Pecan & Coffee Company
601 East Wallace
San Saba, Texas 76877

How we started

Alamo Pecan & Coffee Company began in the fall of 1999 in the home of Bob & Martha Leigh Whitten. The first year was crazy; making baskets, packing pecans and coffee, filling tins and shipping all over the country. Scott & Dora Miller began the journey with the Whitten’s.

As we started production of our first brochure the true goal was to offer the most unique and creative pecan baskets. Both families have four children, so they all became efficient at making boxes, packing, labeling and a variety of other jobs. After getting one year under their belts, the owners decided to purchase a downtown building and make this thing work. A building was available on the north east corner of the square, so Alamo Pecan found its home.


Our early years

In the early years, Alamo would open in late August in preparation of pecan season and ship like crazy through December. It wasn’t long until many customers wanted the product year round, so the doors stayed open 12 months out of the year.The vision was coming to realization, and Alamo was growing in demand locally as well as through internet and retail sales.

Alamo Pecan adds coffee

A full service gourmet coffee bar was added in 2007. It was a great addition to the already popular gourmet coffees; which included over 16 robust coffee bean flavors. Texas Pecan Coffee has been one of the company’s most popular products, and our customers always rave of the unmatched and distinct flavor.
Also, there was no other place to get a latte or cappuccino in all of San Saba! The repeat business as well as meeting new customers, continuing to sharing our story, and promoting our products has been a very fulfilling part of this venture.


Excitement builds

Today Alamo Pecan offers delicious freshly shelled pecans, a large variety of flavored pecans and pecan candies along with wonderful gourmet coffees. You can buy the products individual or give them in a variety of gift baskets, gift tins and trays. They customize corporate gifts with logos and specialty shaped baskets. Alamo also carries a wide selection of gift items. As the excitement has grown, so has the development of new products and new ideas. Alamo Pecan and Coffee excels at gift wrapping, presentation, quality and freshness.


Our customers are like family

We tell our staff not to send out anything that they would not send to their closest family member. We pride ourselves in quality and ingenuity. We also believe that the customer should be able to customize a gift basket to meet their needs and taste. So we do many different custom basket in all kinds of shapes to fit the personality or business needs of our customers. Request whatever you would like and we will do our best to serve you here at Alamo Pecan & Coffee Company.